What's an Ape Apps account?

An Ape Apps account is your unified presence across all Ape Apps apps, games, and services.

Creating an account is completely free and unlocks several benefits, including:
Cross-Platform Sync: Your Ape Apps account stores and syncs saved game and app data across all desktop and mobile platforms.

Universal Product Activations: Bring your paid apps and in-app purchases with you from one device to the next. With an Ape Apps account, Ape Apps product licenses can be taken with you wherever you go. For instance, in-app purchases bought on your iPhone will work on Android and Windows.

In-App Messaging and Friends: With an Ape Apps account, you will unlock in-app messaging, friends lists, and multiplayer (on select games) across all platforms.

Leaderboards and Achievements: Gain access to Ape Apps global leaderboards and achievements with an Ape Apps account. Compete with the world or keep track of your in-game progress across devices and platforms.

Early Access and Free Offers: Ape Apps account holders are the first to know about new beta releases and upcoming titles from Ape Apps. There are also regular promotional offers and free product activation giveaways.
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